Canada Post RSMC's and Right Hand Drive vehicles - Learn more -


Q. Are you the only Dealership that sells RHD Vehicles in Ontario?

A. Certified for Mail Delivery, yes. Although there may be other dealerships selling RHD vehicles, none are sold to be fully compliant with all HTA Regulations as outlined in the Highway Traffic Act R.S.O. 1990. There are several “One Man” show operations in Ontario, and some claim to sell RHD vehicles suited for Mail Delivery at fantastic prices; however our research has proven that cheaper prices come from poor quality vehicles and a lack of preparation. Postal Vehicles (RightDrive Inc) is the only facility with a specific RSMC sale and support program in Canada.


Q. Are Right Hand Drive vehicles legal in Canada?

A. Yes, Right Hand Drive vehicles are fully legal in all of Canada under the Highway Traffic Act and are permissible for every form of road travel pending they have been brought up to Canadian code. Including but not limited to; DOT approved tires, brakes, fluids, Daytime Running Lights and Child Safety Seat latches. Vehicles must be 15 years old or older to be used on Canadian roads.


Q.  I want a RHD vehicle for my route, what type of vehicle should I choose?

A.  This depends largely on what the size requirements are for your current route. If you require 100 cubic feet of interior cargo capacity, then this must remain constant for your RHD purchase. “Kei” vehicles (smaller Japanese trucks, vans and cars) only carry a maximum interior cargo space of 60 cubic feet, so they are not suitable for most routes. Vehicles like the Honda Odyssey, Honda CR-V (with roof racks) and Mitsubishi Pajero exceed this requirement.  Also, ensuring your vehicle has a North American counterpart, or is easy to find parts for should be of strong consideration.


Q.  Will Canada Post provide a RHD vehicle for me?

A. Possibly. For the time being, Canada Post has selected routes that have more than 330 mail boxes (RMB’s) and designated them RHD only. Paired with this designation, the RSMC will have the option to accept a vehicle directly from Canada Post, forgoing their vehicle allowance and expenses; or purchase their own RHD, keeping their vehicle allowance and expenses.


Q.  I have heard Parts are hard to find for a RHD, is this true?

A.  No.  If the vehicle has a North American counterpart, parts do not take any longer to acquire.  However if the vehicle does NOT have a counterpart sold here, certain parts can take longer to acquire.  Selecting the right vehicle for RSMC use is pivotal in ensuring you will have minimized downtime/repair time.  Parts acquisition for a RHD vehicle happens through the vehicles VIN number, as it does with a North American vehicle. For example, a windscreen for a Suzuki Wagon R can take substantially longer than finding one for a Honda CR-V, which has a North American equivalent. We do have a full parts and service department if you have any issues finding parts , give us a call 1-877-398-8220 or visit our RightDrive Parts Store.


Q.  I have heard Insurance is difficult and expensive for a RHD, is this true?

A.  No. Certain providers carry RHD insurance specifically for RSMC use, and all of the providers that offer this type of group coverage do not penalize or increase prices based on the vehicle being RHD.  To obtain an insurance quotation for your RHD vehicle, please call 1-877-398-8220.


Q. Can I import a brand new Right Hand Drive vehicle?

A. Transport Canada allows vehicles that are 15 years of age or older into Canada for road use. This means that in 2019, the newest vehicle that can legally be sold in Canada is of a 2004 production year. The only exception to this rule is some Chrysler/Jeep products that have been manufactured in the United States already in RHD trim.


Q.  Why are the vehicles so much more expensive than the same vehicle found in Canada?

A.  The costs to import a vehicle from any country are relatively static – roughly $6,500 is spent in transporting, customs charges, North American preparation, etc.  Regardless of who is importing the vehicle, these charges have to be paid.  Any additions to that price largely reflect the purchase price of the vehicle in Japan.  For example, a vehicle offered for sale in North America for $9,000 roughly had a $2500 purchase price in Japan, while a $12,500 vehicle roughly had a $6,000 purchase price.


Q. Should I be worried about the vehicle’s age?

A. In most cases no – Japan has strict rules for maintenance and when these rules are followed, the vehicle is in superb condition, with no evidence of rust or corrosion. However, this does not guarantee that every vehicle from Japan will be in pristine condition, so partnering with a reliable and OMVIC registered dealership who understands how RSMC vehicles are used is essential. Currently Postal Vehicles is the only dealership in Ontario that prepares every RSMC vehicle to full Highway Traffic Act specifications, thus ensuring reliability and longevity.


Q.  How is the mileage of each vehicle so low?

A.  The population in Japan benefits from having a very efficient rail system and a tax benefit for keeping mileage low.  This does not guarantee that all vehicles from Japan have low mileage, but with the large number of vehicles available for sale in Japan, the chances of finding true low mileage units is much greater than in North America.


Q.  How can I be sure my vehicle has not been in an accident or in a flood?

A.  Although there are no “Car Fax” reports in Japan, there are systems in place to identify vehicles that have had previous repair histories or branded titles.  When buying a RHD vehicle privately (i.e. one already in Canada), this information may be absent however when purchasing a vehicle from a Registered Dealer, this disclosure is mandatory.


Q.  I have found a local RHD vehicle that is very cheap – why shouldn’t I buy it?

A. If a vehicle is sold privately for significantly less than current market value; the transaction will be very risky. We’ve heard stories of people running into issues after importing a vehicle and finding some paperwork or ownership was missing, which means the vehicle cannot legally be used. With a commercial or semi-commercial application, vehicle preparation and reliability is key – and these are areas that an unregistered seller has little interest in ensuring. Purchasing a RHD vehicle that has a host of problems can be a very large headache – ensuring you have done significant research on the vehicle and the seller’s history before hand is strongly recommended. Postal Vehicles is always your safest bet as every vehicle is offered with a satisfaction guarantee, and we have over 10 years of experience, we accept local trade-ins of all types, as well as offering financing options.


Q.  Is Warranty protection available on a RHD?

A. Yes, warranty options are available at extra cost.  We work closely with trusted and insured 3rd party warranty providers and have packages tailored to your needs.


Q.  Can my RHD vehicle be financed?

A. Yes, Postal Vehicles offers financing with rates as low as 7.75% with $0 down payment. This largely depends on credit score and income, however most RSMC’s qualify for this package. Postal Vehicles is the only dealership in Canada offering 100% Guaranteed Financing for RSMC’s – no application is rejected! Apply for financing now.