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Postal Vehicle Encyclopedia

Honda CRV

The Honda CR-V is a compact SUV (also known as a Crossover) that was first introduced in Japan in 1995. The CR-V was later introduced to the North American Marketing in 1996 and went on sale in 1997.

Powered by a fuel efficient 2.0L 4 cylinder engine and paired with Honda’s Realtime 4WD, the CR-V quickly became a popular vehicle choice in the compact SUV market.

Beginning in 2010, right hand drive CRV’s from Japan began importing to the Canadian market where they are primarily used by Canadian RSMC’s and delivery workers. Right hand drive CRV imports for postal use have increased steadily since 2010 due in large parts to the RHD CRV’s replacement parts availability in North America.



Honda Odyssey

The first generation Honda Odyssey (RA1-RA5)began sales in 1994 and ended in 1999 in both Japanese and International markets. All Japanese models came equipped with luxuries such as dual air conditioning systems and full power options.

In 2009, right hand drive Odysseys began importing to Canada primarily by postal workers (RSMC’s) since the Odyssey had great parts availability, a reliable and fuel efficient 4 cylinder engine from Honda and 4WD.



Toyota Ipsum (RHD Toyota Sienna)

The first generation Toyota Ipsum went on sale in Japan in 1995 and became eligible for import into Canada in 2010. The Ipsum is a popular choice to Canadian RSMC’s due to its close ties to the North American Toyota Sienna which wasn’t released until 1997 as a 1998 model year.

The right hand drive Ipsum shares its body panels suspension and some of its interior with the Sienna. The engine however, was a different offering. A diesel option was available on right hand drive models which makes it an attractive option for gas conscious Canadians.



Toyota Estima (RHD Toyota Previa)

The first generation Toyota Estima was introduced in Japan in 1990. The right hand drive Estima was smaller than its North American counterpart, the Toyota Previa due to vehicle tax implications in Japan. Despite its smaller size, the Estima shares many body panels, interior pieces and suspension components as the Previa making it a popular import choice in Canada.

Canadian Rural Mail Carriers have demanded the Estima for right hand drive mail routes due to its parts availability, diesel engine offering and available 4WD, the latter being options not found on the left hand drive Previa.

Other things that make the Estima a popular import choice are its trim levels, over 40 in total, ranging from standard configurations to luxury.



Toyota RAV4

The Toyota RAV4 is a compact crossover SUV that is based on the Toyota Corolla chassis. It was the first compact crossover SUV, introduced in Japan in 1994 and beginning sales in North America in 1996. The vehicle was designed for consumers wanting a vehicle that had most of the benefits of SUVs with the maneuverability and fuel economy of a smaller car.

It is a popular choice among Canadian RSMC due its parts availability and mechanical familiarity. The right hand drive RAV4 shares its chassis, suspension, body and engine with its left hand drive North American counterpart.



Toyota Harrier (RHD Lexus RX300)

The Toyota Harrier, a right hand drive Lexus RX300, was released in Japan in 1997. It shares the same body panels and suspensions as the Lexus RX300 but featured additional engine choices in the 2.2L and subsequent 2.4L. Creature comforts such as full power options, navigation, sunroof and more are also shared with its Lexus counterpart.

For its luxury appeal, the Harrier has found success in the Canadian market with postal workers and delivery workers who benefit from or require a right hand drive vehicle.



Toyota Hilux Surf (RHD Toyota 4Runner)

The Japanese Domestic Market Toyota Hilux Surf is a right hand drive version of the Toyota 4Runner. The Surf shares body, suspension and interior components with the 4Runner but engines choices included various diesel offerings.

Due to its similarities to the 4Runner, the right hand drive Hilux Surf is a popular choice with Canadian mail carriers who require a right hand drive SUV for their route.



Jeep Grand Cherokee and Cherokee

The Jeep Grand Cherokee “ZJ” model, was manufactured from 1992 to 1998 with right hand drive Cherokees selling in Japan as early as 1995.

The XJ Cherokee model was produced from 1984 to 1996 and continued in a second generation from 1997 to 2001.

Imports of right hand drive Jeeps started to flourish around 2010. In recent years, demand for RHD SUV’s from Canadian Postal Workers has risen and the Jeep Grand Cherokee is a popular choice due to its part availability and mechanical familiarity.



Ford Explorer

The second generation Ford Explorer was sold throughout Japan in RHD configuration and became eligible for import into Canada in 2010.

The right hand drive Ford Explorer is a popular import choice for delivery workers (ie Canada Post mail carriers) due to its identical body, suspension, engine and interior as the North American version. Parts for the RHD version are readily available and mechanical repairs are widely supported across North America.



Mitsubishi Pajero

In 1991, the second generation Pajero was completely redesigned from its iconic predecessor. Long and short wheelbase models were available, both larger than previous versions, along with a variety of trim and engine configurations.

Marketed as the Mitsubishi Montero in North America, the Japanese Domestic Model Pajero featured turbo diesel engines never sold in North America.

Importation of the right hand drive Pajero was fortunately timed with rising gas prices across Canada and the emergence of dedicated vehicle import businesses. In 2006, the first second generation Pajero’s became eligible for import. These early model Pajero’s garnered immediate attention from off road enthusiasts and postal delivery workers alike.



Mitsubishi Delica

The third generation right hand drive Mitsubishi Delica was sold in two variants, the Star Wagon which was introduced in 1986 and the Space Gear which was later introduced in 1994.

Both variants are popular import choices with Canadian mail carriers due to their turbo diesel engine offerings and large cargo space which easily exceeds Canadian Postal Vehicle requirements.



Nissan Terrano

The second generation right hand drive Nissan Terrano went on sale in Japan in 1995 and ran until 2004. Using the same body as the Nissan Pathfinder, the Terrano became popular among Canadian RSMCs for its styling options. From lip kits to rear spoilers, the Terrano offered a look not found in its North American counterpart.

The second generation Terrano also appeals to RSMCs for its turbo diesel engine offering and  large cargo space which easily exceeds Canadian Postal Vehicle requirements. The Turbo diesel engine configuration was not offered on the North American Pathfinder.