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Before the financial crisis of 2008, all insurance companies (warranty providers included) provided very liberal coverage for a wide variety of products, including RSMC vehicles. Times however, have forced most insurance companies to scale back their portfolios as they try and minimize risk. That is has resulted in the largest providers to refuse RSMC coverage when offering warranty packages.

As the leading seller of RHD Vehicles for RSMC use in Canada, RightDrive was committed to find a solution to this issue, and have prepared 2 fantastic Service Plan options that exceed what was ever offered from Third Party Warranty providers!

No other seller of RHD vehicles in Ontario has any form of breakdown protection – even if they claim to have this coverage!

Our packages include specific coverage designed for RSMC’s including RHD Breakdown Replacement, Power Window Motor Replacement for the life of your vehicle, and other key essentials to ensuring your vehicle is covered and always reliable. Service plans are infinitely renewable and ALWAYS available to every RightDrive customer.


Postal vehicle service plan 1Postal vehicle service plan 2<— Service Plan 1

Service Plan 2 —>