Postie robbed at Gunpoint in Ottawa - -

Postie robbed at Gunpoint in Ottawa

Postal employee robbed in OttawaCops are investigating after a mailman was robbed at gunpoint Thursday as he began his first day on a new route.

Multiple police sources confirm the man, who worked out of the new Lancaster postal outlet at the intersection of St. Laurent Blvd., was delivering mail in the Carsons Rd. area, off Montreal Rd.

The postie said he was approached by a man who, at gunpoint, demanded his wallet and keys.

The man then fled on foot.

Canada Post sources confirmed the story and said workers were advised to be extra careful on their routes.

These sources, who aren’t supposed to speak to reporters, say this sort of thing has happened in Ottawa a few times before, including a female letter carrier who was held-up at knifepoint and a man who was hit from behind with a baseball bat.

The common target appears to be the so-called Crown keys the posties carry.

Last year, Canada Post union representatives demanded the corporation do something to improve the safety of its members after two letter carriers in Surrey were attacked in as many days.

The special keys provide access to the boxes where mail is dropped off for carriers to pick up, as well as to those in apartment complexes.

There were a series of assaults in B.C. in 2010 as well.

Locally, a very similar incident happened 13 years ago this week. That time, a pair of thugs were looking to get their hands on a wad of welfare cheques, being delivered at months-end.

Instead, they put a Riverside Park mailman in the hospital after attacking him with an X-acto knife just before 9 a.m. as he was about to sort the mail in the lobby of a Springland Dr. apartment building.

They also fled with the postie’s keys and wallet.


Source: Ottawa Sun